Beating Food!

I had a moment the other day, some may call it a breakthrough, but for me, it has been something in the back of my mind that I’m not full ready to accept, but I know it’s coming.
As I sat on my couch and started thinking about dreams and goals, I had a food moment.
Let me be the first to admit that I love food. I very rarely turn food away and I almost never say ‘that will make me fat’ or ‘that wouldn’t be healthy for me to eat.’
But as I sat there, I realized that every time I give in and eat an ice cream sandwich, I’m letting that ice cream sandwich rob me of my dreams.
Here’s how.
I want to be a mother of two with at least a four pack.
For me, that seems to be a damn near impossible goal, but only because I eat whatever I want and NEVER work out.
But as I sat there on my fat ass watching TV…it hit me.
Every time I take a bite of food that is bad for me, I’m letting that food steal my dream. Why am I giving my dreams away to food?
I am a VERY competitive person and when I think about it less as losing weight and more about food beating me…. It becomes VERY clear to me.

Yes, it is still hard for me to find time to work out with 2 little ones under 2 and a full time job, but at least I can start with my relationship with food.
If I can “beat” all the food throughout a day and keep that going for a while, then when I start to add in working out, it shouldn’t be unattainable.
Here’s the game plan. Beat food for today. Which I can totally do! And then keep that going all week.
Also, I’m going to add in 3 10 minute ab workouts a day through one of my favorite apps ‘Daily Ab workout Free’:

Who’s with me? It doesnt sound that hard!

Lets make a 4 pack together by BEATING FOOD!





One thought on “Beating Food!

  1. I think you had your food moment when I did! Just last week I had the same conversation when I stepped on the scale and couldn’t believe the number I saw. So I downloaded an app to track my calories and exercise. When I first started to use it, I like holy crap – do I really eat that much in calories in day? And then I realized that the little bit of exercise I do DO wasn’t doing much against the food I ate.
    I’m on board with you 🙂

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