First Day of “school”

August 1st.
My baby’s first day of “school”!
This morning Mr. wonderful and I packed up both our kids and took them to daycare for the first time. While our almost 2 year old creator of Chaos goes every day and is an ole pro, his little sister joined him today and will go 3 days a week.
A weird feeling came over me. I feel like the baby swings and Bumbo’s and Boppi pillows are being left behind and we are sprinting towards a future with two small children that have minds of their own. I am so excited to watch my little girl grow up and make friends and really get out into the world. I have the utmost faith in this little school and I know they are just as excited to have her join their school as we are.
I followed my brother through school, a year behind him, and we always ended up with the same teachers. The teacher would take about a week to realize that my brother and I were very different people. He listened and let the teacher carry the class, I on the other hand hijacked the classroom and didn’t have much patience for the teacher’s directions. I thought of this today while dropping off my little missy into a classroom that her brother just left a few months ago. Yes, they are family, but no, they are not just alike. In things he challenged them on, she will no have issues with and in things he loved, she will hate. That is what I love about having two kids…they are so similar and SO different.
I know her first day of school will go off without a hitch and in a few weeks this routine will feel very normal, so I wanted to take a second and acknowledge what a big day this is for our little family. Our last child just started “School”
So exciting.


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