Chick-fil-a….My two cents…

I am not one to stay out of a fight, but by the same token, I’m not one to jump into a fight until I have the facts. I never want to just be a talking head with a baseless argument, nor do I want to defend a side by making the other sides point for them because of an ignorant or uninformed statement.
I have tried to calm down on my Facebook use, and thank God because yesterday was a Facebook shit storm with all of the Chick-fil-a drama.
With all of that being said, here are my thoughts.

I love chicken. I believe in God and agree with about 85% of Christian beliefs. I support the LBGTQ society and I fully support freedom of speech.

Now that that’s out there, we can acknowledge that none of those topics are the issues at hand. People can believe and support and fully speak publicly on any cause they want, that’s what makes America rad. What also makes America rad is that we can choose to spend our money where we want. So for me, a chicken loving American, I choose to not spend another dime on the best chicken Sandwhich I’ve ever had, but only because I don’t want one penny of my hard earned money going to fund anti gay organizations. I don’t want my children growing up in a world that is still fighting the acceptance of the LBGTQ population.
This is my right to choose. Supporting a company that directly funds a belief I don’t agree with would be like me donating money to the Romney campaign… Inherently against my beliefs.
On the other hand, I respect the religious part of Chick-fil-a. I love how kind they are when you order your food and I love that they give every employee Sunday’s off. But liking them for these reasons doesn’t outweigh the reasons I don’t support them. It’s unfortunate that they jumped into a very sensitive religious/political battle that they should have stayed out of, but from a marketing standpoint, they have done a great job of staying in front of people and the ones that agree with them will now be supporters for life. Marketing genius…maybe? On the flip side, they have done a fabulous job of making people take a stand- and that’s not always good for companies…which has been proven this week.

That’s my two cents.


3 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a….My two cents…

  1. Finally…someone with a point of view AND a level head. Anytime an issue like this pops up it generally leads to both sides of the argument showing their intolerance and ignorance rather than any progress on the actual discussion.

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