Stop. Think. Think More.

It’s in my character to be annoyed by people’s ignorance’s. It’s something I struggle with on a daily, almost hourly, basis.
Although I do find that when I slow down and explain my side, or a side, that people are generally smart enough to look at things more critically.
This is a lesson that I feel like I have to relearn from time to time.
It’s so easy to regurgitate what you just heard from someone you respect and claim it to be “your stance” but the truth is, the second you are challenged you can’t provide any proof or background to stand by that stance, so you then look like a friggin’ idiot.
It’s good for me though. I like the challenge of finding holes in people’s theories. I will admit that it must be exhausting to be around me from time to time, but if we all aren’t trying to be smarter today than we were yesterday, then what are we all doing?! Right?

Lesson for August.
Stop. Think. Think more. Ask Questions. Decide the best possible outcome. Then direct the conversation to allow me to end at my ideal finish line without raising my voice or sacrificing my ideals.


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