The little things

Let me start by saying how much I love being a parent. Now that that’s out there, here’s the real deal.
With two kids under two, mr. Wonderful and I are being challenged on a regular basis. Challenged to raise these kids correctly through all of the screaming, peeing, pooping, feeding, challenging of rules and so on. We often refer to the good ole days when we had friends or could belly up at a bar in the middle of the day and laugh about anything and everything. Those days were fun and carefree and they are also 4 million miles away from the life we are currently living. We have so much fun with our little ones, playing man to man and making our way through the tough days.
This weekend we were invited to the fair, last minute, by some of our besties and we actually went, which was kind of a surprise to all of us. Let me tell you how much fun I had at the county fair! I can’t even believe it myself, and even as I type it, I know how crazy it sounds.
Life plays little jokes it seems and for my family, we are learning that the little things in life can sometimes be the best things. $140 spent on a fairgrounds in Ventura and I feel closer to both of my kids an my husband- who would have ever guessed?! Life has changed so much from the days of Harley riding from bar to bar and staying up all night telling stories and laughing!

The kiddo rode a pony, his first “roller coaster” and had cotton candy and baby donuts… It was a very special day for him and only a week before his 2nd birthday.

Lessons learned. Family days are the best days. Over stimulation decreases child meltdowns. Togetherness strengthens love between all and real friendships are the best things in life.

I need to make a conscious effort to care less about us not doing the things we used to and enjoy the new things we are doing now, because in 5 years I’m sure I’ll miss these things too.


2 thoughts on “The little things

  1. I won’t say it ever gets easier but it changes always. Like Disneyland from open to close are days of the past but from 10-6 are really fun! Kids want to do things too but 2 hrs at a restaurant (unless mcdonalds) is a bore and u r setting itself up for a stress fest. Being that my kids are older we have a little more leeway and we do go out to eat. But it’s usually eating and little talking. Because they still can’t behave in that environment for 2 hrs. Lol. We take a weekly trip to grammas house (Josh’s parents) and store trips. But I have little patience. Lol. We used to go camping/fishing every year tent camping in Bishop. Then we had kids. We went back the first time when kids were 5 @ 3. It was doable but nothing like before. The next time we went we invited gramma and grampa and stayed at a hotel with running water and real toilets. It just changes. You will have fun no matter what because u go in knowing u will have fun.

  2. i TOTALLY would have guessed! my family went to the fair every year when i was a kid and I LOVED it and miss it and still have the FONDEST memories of it. face painting. hot exhibit halls. giant bunnies. chocolate dipped cones. hugs. ferris wheel with dad. bumper boats with neighbors. square dancing. my first concert, peter frampton w/ my parents, how lame and AMAZING. hahaha FIREWORKS. THE BEST. seriously. i was super jealous of your fair fun. i’d go in a hot second!

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