Shutting Down the Factory!

Well, tomorrow I go in for an outpatient surgery to shut down this baby making factory.
I have two adorably perfect kids, a boy and a girl, what more could I ask for?
I’m proud of myself for taking control and handling this myself. It’s a personal decision for everyone and for me and my family, this feels like the right choice.
It’s been funny talking to people about it, everyone keeps asking “What if…..?”
For me, there is no what if. I have everything I have always wanted. God forbid something happen, I still don’t want additional kids. I love the ones I have until the end of the earth and they will forever by my only two children.
I’m not sure why people are so used to the man doing it, in this day in age, when men and women have swapped so many other roles in their day to day life, this shouldn’t be any different.
Life happens, things change, and I don’t want any more kids, so why wouldn’t I take responsibility and get that handled?!

It’s the old saying- “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”
So, wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Shutting Down the Factory!

  1. Good luck Girly. Will b praying for u. I was too chicken to do it. Now I have until 2014 with my mirena then make that decision again :-(.

  2. i love you and hope it went well and totally understand knowing what you want and doing it yourself. no one else can do you like you can. xoxox

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