14 seconds

What can happen in 14 seconds, you ask?! Well, a sticky shit storm of sticky stickiness that will not go away no matter how many wipes or sprays you use.
What are you talking about you ask?
I’m talking about the 14 seconds that it takes to set down a plastic container full of Thai sweat and sour sauce on the table next to a two year old and turn around to grab the second container. In that very very small amount of time the little chaos creator grabbed the container, flipped it over and finished it off with a good old fashioned sling! The sticky level on this surprisingly fluid sauce is unchallenged by any sauce I’ve ever seen. THIS SHIT WAS EVERYWHERE!
We did the initial wipe down, pajama change, laundry load type of cleaning. That has been followed up by at least 5-6 additional wipe downs and I just found a glob on my toe!!!
I fear we may have to move. Either this sauce is multiplying or it’s coming back with vengeance after every “clean up” we do. Either way, it’s looking bleak that we will ever live a life without Thai sweet and sour again.


3 thoughts on “14 seconds

  1. LMFAO thank you….. hahahahahaha i needed that, esp about your toe. xoxoxo hope the sticky dies away!!! 😀 😀 also you made me want thai. 😉

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