Duct tape cars

Today I made a decision that made me laugh but I truly believe to be a great perspective. While driving to my 5th location for a meeting in less than 4 hours, I noticed there was a car with duct tape all over it that was driving pretty recklessly. I drove safely behind the tape car for nearly 5 miles and then I noticed he kept stopping short and I decided it was probably not the best decision to drive near anyone that thought fixing a cars issues with duct tape was a good idea. Then I started giggling to myself in the car, because, it was a revolutionary realization. If they get in accidents often enough to stop even getting them fixed professionally, that’s probably not someone I should be driving near. Clearly accidents happened to this car and clearly the driver had no pride of ownership. This is not someone you want to get into a fender bender with… Assuming you could choose. If I can tell you have no pride in your ride, and you think duct tape is a go to after an accident, then I’m cool- ill be on the other side of he freeway driving happily as far away from you as humanly possible.
To those people that rock the tape- good luck out there- but please stay as far away from me as possible in your hoopty. Kthanksbye.


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