The Democrat vs. Republican campaign

….Also known as the presidential elections. I had a hard time with the election of the president this year. Not deciding who I was going to vote for,because that was always a no brainier for me, but because it brought a lot of light to some of my friendships that I had not previously examined at all.
Social media has allowed for people to connect in ways that we hadn’t been able to before. With that ability, I had started collecting people that used to be my friends in real life as “friends” on Facebook. Over the years I have had times when I decided there was no need for me to stay connected to certain people and I ended up un friending a person or two…. But this election really made me think.

Let me preface this by saying that I do agree that people with different beliefs can be friends! But that being said, if you don’t see someone on a regular basis, or ever, and you don’t have the same values in life or the same idea of what our future world should look like…. Why stay friends? Or stay connected?
Maybe the goodness about life pre-Facebook was that you could just walk away from people that didn’t play active roles in your life. Is it worth staying connected to people from your past if you have nothing in common at all except the desire to look at pictures of each other’s kids?!

I don’t have the answer, I just don’t want to feel like I have collected all of the people that infuriate me when I check my Facebook during elections. Or that don’t support my goals and dreams.
If I want to shake you when I read your updates and you want to do the same to me and I NEVER EVER see you in real life…. Then why? Why keep that connection?

Oh Facebook, your complexity has frustrated me once again. I wish times were simple again and people played outside and called their friends….


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