Go Gill or Go Home

I used to get so excited for big events with my friends. I would count down the days until the big day and I would have my outfit selected days before the gathering and all laid out ready to put on.
These days, I can count my friends on one hand and I like it that way. But the funny thing is, I now count down the days until I can see my family!
We are having our rocking family reunion this weekend and all 150 of us crazy folks will be in attendance. I’ve been so excited for weeks and it hit me that we had something fabulous happening when my 2nd cousin who is a boy and 14ish wrote on Facebook “14 days to go!”
I realized when I read that that we aren’t all just getting together every two years, but instead we are making family history. Over the years, it will become my generations responsibility to get these gatherings on the calendar, and after that, it will be our second cousins that have to plan it. It takes a lot of work to stay close to your long lost family members that are spread across the country, but those of us that put in the effort, and money, to get together every other year, have a fabulous relationship to show for it.
The great thing about family is the lack of connection that is required throughout our daily lives, I don’t need to know all the ups and downs, I just need to see you every few years with a bottle of vodka or sweet tea vodka and it will be like we never skipped a beat.
Family is amazing that way, a few dirty jokes and a cocktail will take all the guards down and open us up to the most embarrassing stories and the most endearing. No holds barred… Just honesty, friendship and laughter.
This years motto- Go Gill or Go Home- is perfect for our clan!
Can’t wait to see you all, Gill or otherwise!


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